Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Electric Bikes. And I for one, am really happy about the fact that the electric bike space is getting the attention and love it deserves. Most of the time, they talk about electric bikes has been a niche thing for only people who have extra money to throw around, or people who perceive the idea of them as bikes for the weak.

I would try not to get into that conversation of a self-proclaimed purist talking about how riding anything with a motor is unworthy of being called a bike. But people didn’t get an electric bike because of someone throwing senseless statements, but because they were really expensive to buy and rightfully so in those early years.

But for the last few years, many advancements have been made in making these bikes as reliable and accessible as possible to the general public. And one such bike is Jetson Adventure Electric Bike. Jetson is a relatively brand new company with a lot of ambitious goals around freedom in riding. And one such goal is to make affordable electric bikes while not compromising on the reliability and functionality of the bike.

This is a comprehensive review of Jetson Adventure electric bike detailing on parts like Battery, Range, Pedal Assist and many more. We hope you like it and let us know about your experience with your Jetson e-bike by sharing your stories in the comments below.

First Impressions

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

One of the first impressions you get from Jetson Adventure Electric bike is that it doesn’t look like one. Because it isn’t. Nah Just kidding, it is but it is purposefully made that way to make it look like any other traditional bike. Those of who are wondering where the battery was, you guessed it right it was inside the down tube of the frame. This keeps the battery cozy and protects it from all the things bad for a battery.

But why did they do it? Of course, there are many reasons why you would like to have a battery inside the frame of a bike but as the CEO Josh Sultan explains that

We felt there was a gap in the market for an electric mountain/road bike that was visually beautiful but also offered a value. We felt there was a gap in the market for an electric mountain/road bike that was visually beautiful but also offered a value …we wanted to eliminate the stereotype that you were “weak” or “uncool” if you rode an e-bike.

Josh Sultan, Jetson CEO

This makes perfect sense and this also keeps anyone other than the rider know that its an electric bike. Okay, apart from aesthetics, which by the way is always a welcome feature, this also acts as a camouflage for protecting the bike from bike thieves. Because of this, you’d be more comfortable leaving this outside (with a proper bike lock of course) and still be able to function like a normal human being.

Why do you need an Electric Bike?

I can think of a lot of circumstances where Jetson Adventure electric bike can come in handy. And let me tell you one of the reasons I love adventure electric bikes. I am a cycling enthusiast and I like cycling very much, but like anything in life, cycling has some parts which are not desirable too. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to ride my loving bike to everywhere I wanted to go. But I would always put down the idea because there was always that one fear of me arriving at the destination with my shirt completely drenched in sweat, which by the way happened a few times, and believe me its not a good feeling.

The Motor and Max speed

So this is where a bike like Jetson Adventure Electric Bike comes in and saves the day. The 250-watt hub motor can get you to a maximum speed of 20mph with the pedal-assist which feels very zippy to commute around the urban roads. You could use the pedal assist on the harder parts like climbs and just pedal this thing normally during the easy parts. And you can rest easy because this Jetson e-bike can climb climbs with up to 15 degrees or up to 25% gradient climbs which are very rare to come across.


Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Battery
Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Battery

As we have discussed previously, the battery is hidden in the bottom tube of the bike which gives the bike a seamless look. Just as an added note, you will have to do some work if you want to convince your co-workers or friends that this is an electric bike just from looks. The battery on this bike is a 36V, 7.8Ah rechargeable battery with Panasonic cells which are of course rechargeable.

I don’t know why I am mentioning this but the charger is included in the package and it is a 110-240V charger which plugs into the left side of the battery. To get from 0% to a full charge, you will have to plug this in for around 5-6 hours. They normally recommend you charge it to full, the first three times you use it and then charge it according to your rides.

I normally recommend you keep the battery around 60-70% which gives you the most number of charging cycles and keeps your battery durable for years to come. It was stated that this battery has around 1000 recharges before it kinda starts having issues that are to be expected with any battery out there. But 1000 charges roughly translates to 3 years of continuous use, which sounds like a lot of value for me.

And if you choose to have a Jetson Adventure Electic Bike Battery replacement you can always get one from their official site. The batteries are also water-resistant of course, they got a rubber cap kind of thing to close the charging port when not in use and to keep the water and dust out.

Range and Pedal Assist

These are two main things that are and should be taken into consideration when purchasing an electric bike. There are 9 levels/modes of pedal assist which you can activate by pedaling the bike once and the motor engages and gives you a boost. So if you want a consistent ride on this bike you have to keep pedaling at regular intervals but the only difference as the name suggests the assist will make the pedal stroke a lot easier. You will come to love this bike very quickly, especially if you didn’t try any electric bikes.

You can still coast on this bike as you would do on any traditional bike. Rider can switch between the 9 levels by clicking up or down arrow buttons on the left side of the handlebar. This bike claims 30 miles on a single charge and real-time testing, it hits that 29 miles mark, and this is normal e-bike behaviour.

As I mentioned before this bike can go up to 20mph tops and has a range of 30 miles which is enough for any mid-far commutes. But if your commute is longer than that or for some reason you want a faster bike with a longer range make sure to check out our review on Aventon Pace 500, which has a 40-mile range with speeds up to 28 freaking miles per hour and that too with a throttle. That makes Aventon Pace 500, a class 3 electric bike whereas this is a class 1. And also it normally retails at around the same price point or even less so make sure you check that out before making a purchase decision.

Display and Lights

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Display
Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Display

The display is an LCD with which you can quickly know the current battery level, the pedal assists level you are currently in, and the speed you are currently at. As a standard feature, this bike also comes with an odometer that measures the distance you have covered on this bike and it is shown on the bottom of the display.

Another cool feature is that this bike comes with front and rear LED lights. Of course, you can buy cheap LEDs but they are often hard to mount without filling your cockpit full of zip ties so it’s always a cool feature to get by default. The rear light will act as an indicator of sorts as it has two modes, one where it’s normal and another where it blinks.

Drivetrain and Brakes

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Drivetrain
Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Drivetrain

This is a 21-speed electric bike with a 7-speed cassette in the rear and a 3-speed crankset in the front. You will be delighted to know that this bike comes with both front and rear disc Tektro brakes which are always a plus with any kind of bikes. The shifters used on this bike are Shimano shifters which work reliably with no issues.


The tires on this affordable e-bike are 27.5ers which are perfect for 250w motor. And they are wider than a traditional road bike tires which gives them better traction on the road. The recommended pressure for these tires, which a lot of people want to know, is 40-65 psi.

Running a properly inflated tire gives you more mileage for your charge, and also is better for your tires longevity.

Other Features

Although the saddles are up to personal preference, this one has a Comfort saddle that won’t hurt your bottoms and does a decent job absorbing the shocks. Jetson Adventure electric bike also comes with a traditional bell, which I have used like whole 3 times this year which is up from 0 last year.

The Bike is also made of aluminum alloy which is both non-corrosive and has some decent qualities like less weight etc. By the way, talking of weight, this adventure e-bike weighs in around 44 lbs and has a weight limit of 300 lbs which is great for people who carry an extra picnic basket or into food delivery. You can also fix some front baskets for carrying some cargo.

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