Best Gas Powered Bicycles

Turning good old cycles into gas powered bicycles is not the newest of Human Ideas it’s one of the oldest. 1885 is the year when the first internal combustion motorcycle, Daimler Petroleum Reitwagen, was invented and shown to the public and the rest is history. Daimler Petroleum Reitwagen weighed around 90kgs or 200lbs and had a top speed of 11 km/h or 6.8 mph. And I think we don’t even have to discuss how much it took to build it. We have since then come a long way in the world of gas-powered bicycles.

The technology which exists today has enabled us to build gas powered bicycles with a fraction of that money and weighs very less while still being able to realise its own true potential top speeds of 25mph or sometimes even more. Looking at this industry of gas powered bikes it looks very nebulous with often misinformation or sometimes no information at all. So this is our take at providing you with the Best Gas Powered Bicycles to help you figure out which one suits your needs the best.

PHATMOTO™ Rover 2020 – 79cc Motorized Bicycle

PHATMOTO™ Rover 2020 - 79cc Motorized Bicycle
PHATMOTO™ Rover 2020 – 79cc Motorized Bicycle

First on the list is Phatmoto Rover 2020 which is a 79cc gas powered bike, when you pair it with the front suspension fork gives you a comfortable commute or even an off-road trail. Unlike many other gas powered bikes, this model cleverly integrates the gas tank and jackshaft drive train directly into the frame. This not only makes a sleek looking design but also removes the extra hassle of attaching and possibly miss-attaching one yourself.

Phatmoto Rover comes with 160mm front and back disc brakes for quickly coming to a halt at a moment’s notice, this comes in handy when you are going on a trail when you need to make quick turns and stops or while commuting through a busy city road. And a real no-brainer is the mileage, this complete gas powered bicycle features 100miles mileage for a gallon which is about 42.5km per liter at speeds up to 25 mph. Which is far better than your hybrid gas bike.

All these features make this a perfect companion on your commute to the office, or even a fun trail hobby. The former is a realistic option because you can never get to the office all sweaty but on the return, you can so you can make the motor do the work for you when you are leaving for your office and you can get some good exercise when returning home.

If you are a beginner when it comes to the world of gas powered bicycles then you might not know how much of a hassle getting to start one is. But Phatmoto thought of this and opted for a better 4 stroke engine which allows a quick pull-start handle and the bike also comes with an on/off switch for making your riding experience effortless and easy.

This Phatmoto Rover’s tire size is 26” which is a middle-ground for most of the bike riders and terrains. You will have good control and a sturdy ride whenever you step foot on this bike.

This model comes with a 90-day warranty for ensuring that you receive no defected components, in which case you can send them back.


  • The gas tank is seamlessly integrated into the bikes’ frame
  • Phatmoto Rover comes with an easy to assemble a guide, which is also available on the website for an effortless assembly experience
  • A 100mile per gallon mileage
  • Has a quick pull-start handle
  • 90-day limited warranty


  • Weighs in around 32 kgs which can be cumbersome if you need to frequently load in and out a car or some vehicle



The construction is similar to that of the Phatmoto Rover but this appeals better for the people who are into Mountain bikes and trails. As the product’s name All Terrain implies this bike is made for all terrains and landscapes. You can comfortably use this as a rugged commuter or a Mountain bike for hitting those rough trails.

You can use this bike in extreme of conditions, rocky or smooth this can handle quite a beating. Good suspension is provided by the front suspension fork which keeps you sane during the worst of the jumps. The fat tires on this thing is a bonus because it provides good grip and friction between the ground and the bike and adds that sturdy feel to the ride.

Mileage on this gas powered bike is around 100 miles per gallon or around 40 km per liter which makes this thing an affordable and easy maintenance bike for anyone who is looking for a fun, reliable bike.

The 160mm disc brakes on this all terrain gas powered mountain bike are more relevant than ever because there are a lot of quick pace changes waiting for you in the wilderness. Disc brakes are essential when you are in the trails because the trail has all the odds against you and the weather is nothing but perfect. In these conditions, disc brakes work as reliably as a clear sunny day, unlike caliper brakes which you can’t count on when dealing with damp or wet weather.


  • Big and thick tires for extra grip
  • Great camouflage colors which work better in the mountains
  • Good suspension for shock absorption
  • Good 160mm disc brakes you can rely on
  • Good mileage on gas and seamless pedaling experience
  • Front and Rear mounts for carrying extra cargo


  • A little bit heavy for the task at hand, but compensates with good power
  • Multiple gears and speeds would be good additions for more technical moves

GT6 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Motorized Bicycle

GT6 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Motorized Bicycle
GT6 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Motorized Bicycle

GT6 Pro Racing gas powered bike is a great choice for anyone who is trying to get a complete gas powered bicycle and one of the first impressions for this bike is its looks. This lowkey looks like a ghost rider motorbike with its old beach coaster brakes. The complete black look adds a bit of the old school flair to the bike.

Unlike Phatmoto bikes, this bike has thinner wheels which makes it perfect for your city riding because of the less friction provided by the wheels. The saddle is comfortable with good elevation prioritising longer riding sessions. As I mentioned before this bike is made for urban transportation and its speed will easily range between 25-35mph.

GT6 Pro Racing comes in 66cc or 80cc, both of them more than capable of handling urban roads maintaining good speeds. This gas powered bike is relatively cheap compared to other bikes on this list and makes for an affordable choice with great looks.

To start

  • This is pretty straightforward as you just have to pedal the bike normally while holding the clutch and when you reach a certain speed, release the clutch and let the motor ‘Jump Start’.

To Stop

  • Hold the clutch while the engine is still running and eventually the engine will go to the idle mode. Now push the kill switch to stop the engine. The clutch must not be released or else the engine keeps running

This particular motorised bike features a Magneto with Solid State CDI Ignition in which ignition is achieved through a capacitor discharge arrangement. The 44 tooth chrome sprocket with 9 holes makes a great gear ratio for hitting roads. This year’s model also has an Improved Gas Valve and the cylinder is chrome lined for a non-corrosive design.


  • Very affordable for a gas powered bicycle
  • Universally compatible motor mount
  • A clear and comprehensive 23-minute assembly video for ease of assembly with included toolkit
  • Mounts for carrying extra weight
  • Ease of starting and stopping the bike
  • A whopping 6-month warranty


  • No disc brakes on this bike, as expected in this price range
  • Mountain trails are not recommended because of the lack of suspension

Chain Drive 4-Stroke Motorised Bicycle 26 Inch Micargi Men’s Pantera Beach Cruiser


Are gas powered bicycles street legal?

Yes of course, they are legal, as legal as Motorbikes are legal. But If the question in your mind is are they legal to drive without a license and insurance then that’s another question and answered below.

Can I drive a gas powered bicycle without a license and insurance?

The answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends on the specs of your motorised bicycle. For your gas-powered bike to be called a “Low-speed gas bicycle” it should have fully operable pedals and a gasoline motor of less than 1 horsepower.

Additional requirements being the top speed limited to 20mph while the rider weighs around 170lbs. As long as your bikes’ specs are within these limits and you are 16 years or older you can drive without license or insurance.

When is a gas powered bike considered a moped?

If your bike can go with speeds more than 30mph and has an engine with at least 50cc, then your bike is considered a moped and requires a license, insurance, and registration to be considered legal.

How old do you have to be to ride a gas dirt bike?

Kids as young as 4 and 5 years can get into dirt biking with or without training wheels, but driving on roads have different rules altogether.

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