Aventon Cordoba Review

Aventon Cordoba Review
Aventon Cordoba Review

Aventon is a company known for manufacturing best in value bikes without compromising the quality and looks and it’s no different when it comes to Aventon Cordoba Fixed gear bike.

Aventon Cordoba Specifications

Frame Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Fork Carbon Bladed Fork
Seatpost Aventon Push 3D forged alloy
Gear Ratio 48/15T Fixed and 48/16T Freewheel
Brakes Front Tektro Brakes
Tires Kenda Kriterium 25c with Kenda 700 x 28c Presta Valve tubes

Sleek Frame

Aventon Cordoba Frame
Aventon Cordoba Frame

One of the first impressions when looking at this bike is that this is a bike designed for speed. I think most of the credit goes to the craftsmanship of people working on the designs of Aventon Cordoba. They have done a spectacular job with the frame which is made of Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame. Which guaranteed the sleek design with some great welds on this bike.

The Carbon Bladed Fork came as a surprise to me, especially at this price point but this makes its intentions clear as a speed-obsessed bike. The carbon also does some good job at absorbing small shocks. And It overall works well with the Aluminium steer tube.

Aero Seatpost

Aventon Cordoba Seatpost
Aventon Cordoba Seatpost

The Seatpost on this bike is a custom Aventon Push 3D forged alloy which stays true to the whole light-nature of the bike. The seat itself is an Aventon Aero Race Saddle with center cutouts for a more aggressive look and additional airflow.

Because of Aventon’s attention to the detail and the choice of designing most of their parts in-house. This gives their bikes a unique and special feel which you wouldn’t normally experience with most other bikes.


You choose to buy a fixie bike because you understand the intricacies of that feeling of oneness when your bike almost feels as though it has become an extension of your own body. This level of synchronicity comes with no other gear but a fixie and also the reason why there is a huge religious following for them.

Aventon Cordoba Drivetrain
Aventon Cordoba Drivetrain

But if you are new to the whole fixed gear landscape let me give you a quick overview of why people are so mad about them and what are some good use cases for a fixie like aventon cordoba.

Overview of Fixed Gear

Fixie or Fixed Gear means exactly what it sounds like; you just have one gear and the chain is directly connected to that gear. In this use case, the connect means connect, if you pedal forward the bike moves forward and vice versa. This essentially means if you want your bike to move you always have to pedal unlike a normal bike (which has a mechanism called freehub) where if you have enough momentum you can coast without pedaling.

Some pros about using a fixed gear bike
  • You can move as fast as you can pedal and move in any direction you can pedal.
  • You have less moving components (or less components altogether) so there is a sense of security that there are lesser opportunities for a thief to steal. And there is a good chance that he will crash before he crosses the street.
  • Due to fewer parts and the absence of components like gears and derailleurs, there is little to no maintenance required for this bike to function properly.
  • A bike can’t get any simpler looking than a fixie unless you want to ride a unicycle.
  • It’s a good exercise as you are always pedaling your bike and you also develop a complete pedaling stroke as opposed to stomping.

Most of the people fall into either pro-fixie or no-fixie groups, if you are still not sure if you want to buy a fixie but would love to have advantages like low bike maintenance then you are in luck.

Flip-Flop Hub

That’s because Aventon Cordoba comes with a mechanism called Flip-Flop Hub which allows you to ride either using a fixie or a freewheel, where freewheel is almost like a fixie but you can coast without pedaling. Aventon Cordoba has a 48/15T Gear Ratio when using a fixie or a 48/16T on a freewheel, which is both plenties for riding relatively fast.

Front Brakes

For most fixie riders brakes are an option but I recommend having at least front brakes on your bike and it’s also illegal to have no brakes on a bike. So Aventon Cordoba comes with Front Tektro Brakes which have decent stopping power if assembled correctly.

Aerodynamic Wheelset

This fixed gear bike comes with Double Wall Aluminium deep V Pus Wheels which offer a sturdy ride even when on high speed. The stock tires are Kenda Kriterium 25c and the tubes are Kenda 700 x 28c Presta Valve which is often most praised for their lightweight and stiffness while sprinting.

Best Riding Style

Aventon Cordoba Riding Style
Aventon Cordoba Riding Style

This is a bike made for speed and I don’t mean it lightly. Fixies are generally known to be hard to ride but this is a light bike and if you get up to speed the ride feels amazing and encourages you to ride faster. Most of the people who rode this bike remarked that after reaching speeds of about 10-15mph the ride feels very responsive and just right.

The best riding style for Aventon Cordoba is of course would be to use the drop bars and pedal as hard you can and this applies for both plain sprinting and climbing.

Aventon Cordoba Sizechart

Aventon Cordoba Sizechart
Aventon Cordoba Sizechart

I will also include a Full Geometry chart below from the official Aventon Cordoba Store for your convenience.


Aventon Cordoba Colors
Aventon Cordoba Colors

I have saved the best part for the last because Aventon bikes’ graphics and color palettes are the best in the industry. They look on par with those 2000-3000$ expensive road bikes or even better. For now, they are available in two color choices

  • Desert
  • Cool Smoke

Some bike manufacturers allow certain colors to only be sold with a certain frame size but you can choose any combination of color and size you want to.

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