Aventon Kijote Gravel Bike Review

Aventon Kijote is a brand new adventure bike from Aventon, which is one of the newer names in the bicycling industry which built a name and reputation for their high-quality bikes at a really good price. I have already reviewed Aventon Cordoba, which is a great fixed gear bike for commuting.

Aventon manufactures their bikes with keen attention to detail, and the story is no different for this bike. Kijote is primarily marketed as a gravel/ adventure bike but many of its features allow it to become a decent commuter per its price.

Aventon Kijote Gravel Bike
Aventon Kijote Gravel Bike

Aventon is a company that understands the importance of good design aesthetics and graphics. We rarely see a well designed and well spec’d bike at the price point which is affordable for everyone. The way I think of bikes is that they are an extension of one who rides them.

Cycling as an activity is for everybody, not just people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars. Aventon understands this and they are passionate about making bikes more accessible to everyone despite their age and ability.

Aventon Kijote Specifications

Frame Double-Butted Chromoly Steel
Bottom Bracket Outboard (external ball bearings) Bearing Hollowtech II Style
Cassette and Crankset 11 to 32 tooth 8 speed cassette and 34 and 52 chainring cassette
Derailleurs and shifters Shimano Claris series
Brakes Tektro Mira Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm
Colors Sunset Yellow, Charcoal Skid
Sizes XS, SM, MD, LG
Aventon Kijote Specifications

Frame and Fork

Aventon Kijote Frame

Kijote’s frame and fork are made from (Double-Butted) Chromoly Steel which is on the heavier side, but you get some great dampening qualities of steel which translates to smooth riding and seamless welds.

Steel despite being heavy compared to aluminum or carbon, is revered by long-distance touring bikes, mainly because of its high resistance to fatigue and designs which allow for vertical flex.

Chromoly Steel is fitting for this type of bike because you often ride long distances. And overtime steel frame bikes can build a good amount of vertical compliance allowing for a long and comfortable ride.

Many riders also recommend steel for its great vibration dampening qualities which makes the ride feel so much more springy and smooth. As a plus, you won’t hear any of the annoying noise you get from some aluminum frame bikes.


Bottom Bracket

On Aventon Kijote you get an Outboard (external ball bearings) Bearing Hollowtech II Style which is generally preferred by mountain and gravel riders alike.

Cassette and Crankset

The cassette is a Shimano branded 11 tooth to 32 tooth cassette with 8 speeds which is more than enough for a gravel trail bike. And most of the riders who rode this thing also thought it would have been better for the weight compartment if they choose a more standard 7-speed cassette.

But this makes sense for a company for Aventon, as most of the people who want to buy this bike don’t already have one. So the high gear range helps this bike perform better not only on the gravel but deliver well on the everyday commute.

The crankset on this gravel bike is a Prowheel “Ounce” with Hollow Spindle with 34 and 52 chainrings and which has decent gear combinations for hitting both trail and road.

Derailleurs and shifters

The derailleurs and shifters on Aventon Kijote are from the Shimano Claris lineup which despite being a road-specific shifter, works well on gravel too. And this is one step above the entry-level Tourney shifters and derailleurs which is a plus.

Many riders had no problems with how this bike shifts out of the box given that they are tuned well. And if you experience any tuning issues with this bike, they should probably get cleared with a visit to your local bike shop.

The KMC Z-series chains on these affordable series bikes are decent and won’t be needing any repair or changing, even with heavy and continuous use.

The Joytech hubs are pretty standard as they are not exceptional but not cause any trouble too.

Wheels and Tires

The stock wheels which come with Aventon Kijote are alloy wheels which are also double-walled for extra strength and break resistance. Tires are Kenda Small Block 8 700x35C mini-knobs which reduces the drag considerably. But make no mistake by thinking that they don’t allow a good grip.

Because of their design, they have more contact points on the ground which offers a good amount of traction and grip. This bike also has a freewheel mechanism which helps you to swap a damaged tire with a new one without the hassle of dealing with screws and tools. They come stock with Kenda Presta Valve tubes if you want to replace them in the future.


Aventon Kijote Disc Brakes
Kijote Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes are a must for any adventure bike and Aventon Kijote never gets wrong with their essentials and made sure to include one. This affordable gravel bike comes with both front and rear Tektro Mira Mechanical Disc Brakes with 160mm Discs.

I have said it many times but I will say it again that, mechanical disc brakes are a big step-up from normal caliper brakes.

Disc brakes are not only more weather resistant, they are also more responsive during the trails when you have to change the directions quickly. You can compromise anything but compromising on a set of reliable brakes is the same as taking a chance on your safety.


The Seatpost is a 3D forged alloy with a height and diameter of 350mm and 27.2 mm respectively. It is equipped with an Aventon Performance saddle which is common on both Aventon’s fixed gear and adventure bikes. And they seem to perform very well for longer distance rides.

As an accessibility feature of making your life easier, there is incremental height adjust marks on the back of the seat post.

Headset, Stem, and Handlebars


Aventon Kijote is a 1 1/8 inch Zero stack threadless headset which is a widely used size and offers a lot of styles and variants for your stem. And the cartridge follows the whole stainless steel build of the bike.

The handlebars are 3D forged alloy performance push drop-style bars with a 31.8mm drop which is commonly seen on road bikes and triathlon bikes for maximizing the speeds and reducing the air drag.

They also come with a variety of handlebar grips like the hoods, the drops, and the bars. This makes a difference in longer riding situations because you often get sore muscles if you handle the bike in the same handlebar position for an extended period.

Sore shoulders or stiff arms are very prevalent among those who use flat bars. They are also well padded with EVA Foam for good and comforting grip.


Aventon Kijote Colors
Aventon Kijote Colors

Aventon Kijote comes in two different colors one of which (Sunset Yellow) standsout in the crowd and another one (Charcoal Skid) mixes with most of the landscapes. But they both look really minimal and clean.

Sizes and Measurements


Aventon Kijote Geometry
Aventon Kijote Geometry

Aventon Kijote Sizechart

Aventon Kijote Sizechart
Aventon Kijote Sizechart
Rider Height in feet and inches Rider Height in centimeters Size
5’3″ – 5’6″ 160cm – 167cm XS
5’6″ – 5’10” 167cm – 177cm SM
5’10” – 6’1″ 177cm – 185cm MD
6’1″ – 6’4″ 185cm – 193cm LG
Aventon Kijotte Sizes

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