Schwinn Volare 1400 Review

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1400 700c is the latest affordable road bike from the successful Schwinn’s Volare lineup. This bike follows closely in the footsteps of its predecessors the Volare 1300 and 1200 which performed very well in this lower price range.

Schwinn Volare 1400 Review
Schwinn Volare 1400 Review

Schwinn Volare 1400 is a popular choice for people who are interested in commuting to their work/school and want to get some exercise done while they are at it. This makes perfect sense because this bike has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for longer rides.

To make this Schwinn Volare 1400 review as accessible and comprehensive as possible, the sections are divided into parts which you can quick jump around to read what’s most relevant to you and your purpose.


Ergonomic Frame

This bikes’ aluminum frame provides good posture for both beginner and experienced riders. The drop bars also add to the aerodynamics of the bike. If your body is flexible enough you can cruise through the wind with little resistance.

One of the first things which you might notice about this bike is that it looks way more expensive than it costs. Many reviewers and customers praise Schwinn Volare’s sleek and refined design. This bike found a healthy middle-ground which is somewhere between aggressive and decent and that resulted in a bike that is perfect for any occasion.

Schwinn Volare 1400 Seatpost
Schwinn Volare 1400 Seatpost

If you are riding this bike through your neighbourhood or a park expect some compliments from passersby. The bike is stripped of any unwanted features and only left with the essentials which make the Volare 1400 the best choice for anyone who is trying to get into road bikes.

Having said that, Volare 1400 is not a specialized road bike like Schwinn’s Paramount Force but in my opinion, if you are new to road bikes and not sure what you like then an unopinionated starter bike like Schwinn Volare is a worthy investment.

The fork on this bike is made of rigid steel, which is a reliable material for the fork in this price point and also makes the ride feel quick and nimble.

Shifting and Brakes

Schwinn Volare 1400 Brakes and Shifters
Schwinn Volare 1400 Brakes and Shifters

Schwinn Volare 1400 comes with lightweight aluminum drop style handlebars which make urban riding so much more fun. If you are a novice on the subject of drop-style handlebars here’s a quick overview of why drop bars are preferred over flat bars.

Advantages of using Drop bars

While there are many advantages of using drop bars as opposed to flat bars in an urban setting, some of the more relevant ones are

  • Drop bars allow for aerodynamic riding positions and allow for more speed after reaching the 14.5 km/h mark. If you continue pedaling with a normal flat bar the wind starts to act against you. But when using a drop bar you will be able to crouch down while pedaling while significantly reducing the drag and increasing the efficiency.
  • With drop bars, you will have more hand positions (the hoods, the bars, and the drops) and you can make good use of them depending on the situation you are in.
  • While using the drops, gear shifting and applying brakes becomes nearly the same action and you also tend to have great control while climbing.
  • They look awesomely cool. (collective opinion)

I’ve gone a bit too long on the advantages of drop bars but that’s all the more proof that they are worth it.

This affordable Schwinn road bikes’ dual-pivot alloy caliper brakes give you incredible stopping power which brings you to a halt in a moment’s notice. Their alloy linear pull hand brakes are known to work well once they are tuned.

You might be wondering why not include disc brakes with this bike? The reason why this and many other road bikes don’t include disc brakes is that you won’t probably need them and they add extra weight to the bike which affects climbing.

The shifting on this one is very responsive and quick. The integrated shifter/brake lever combo ensures that you are always in control irrespective of your hand position.


Schwinn Volare 1400 Drivetrain
Schwinn Volare 1400 Drivetrain

Volare 1400 comes with a 7 speed rear cassette and a 2-speed front crankset which combined offers 14 different speeds as opposed to a 21 gear combo which we see commonly in this price point. You might think that you are missing out on some of the gear combinations, but I think it’s not that big of a deal.

If you ask any road cyclist, they will say that they are guilty of not using half the gear combinations in their current bike. This changes when it comes to mountain bikes but for a road bike, 14 speeds are plenty and it will be easy to keep track of what gear works in a particular situation.


Wheels are pretty standard on this bike, which is not to say that they are bad but pretty reliable in all aspects of road biking. The double-walled rims feel sturdy and they also strike a good balance between durability and heft.

One of the other things unique to this bike is its rim spoke design. The wider 700c wheels feel decent and provide the required suspension for small bumps along your way.

You won’t be changing the tires on a road bike as often given your roads are pretty well maintained but a quick-release wheel is always a nice to have. It eliminates all the hassle and lets you remove it with just your hands.

Schwinn Volare 1400 Size Chart

Rider Height Frame Size Bike Wheel Size
4’8” – 5’0” Youth 24”
5’0” – 5’5” Extra Small 26”
5’4” – 5’8” Small 27.5”
5’7” – 5’10” Medium 700c or 28”
5’9” – 6’+ Large 29”

As of now Schwinn Volare 1400 is only available in 700c or 28” which is suitable for riders who are 5’7” to 5’10”.

Assembly and Warranty

How to assemble Schwinn Volare 1400

Schwinn Volare 1400 comes with about 80% assembled and the other 20% is easy to complete all by yourself, but if you are not willing to spend the time or can’t for some reason your local bike shops can come to your aid.

You will also find assembly videos all over the internet for example this video by official Schwinn cycles features how to assemble a hybrid bike, most of which are relevant for this bike too. Go to this link if you want to read instead.

As with any Schwinn bike, you get their limited lifetime warranty, and to avail or check the terms of the availability visit this page: Schwinn Road Bikes Warranty.

If you are searching for Schwinn Volare 1400 Owners Manual here’s the link. If you think we have missed anything in this Schwinn Volare 1400 review which yo think might be helpful for others like you comment us below and we will be including that ASAP.


What size tire tube does Schwinn Volare 1400 use?

This model in particular, Volare 1400 700c fits 28” tire tubes.

What is the correct rider height for Schwinn Volare 1400?

The recommended rider height is between 5’7″ and 5’10” but we suggest you to check it up with your local Schwinn store. This is also the recommended height for 1300 and 1200.

Where can I find the serial number on Schwinn Volare 1400?

According to the Schwinn Road Bikes Manual, you can find your bikes’ serial number located on the frame underneath the bottom bracket. Maintaining the serial number and registering it with your local police is advice by the Schwinn Owner’s Manual.

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